Positive Change


Everywhere we look in life there is change. Sometimes it is expected and at other times we face unexpected circumstances that mean we must change to meet them. Adapting to change is one of the major life skills we need to cope with our work life, and life generally.

At Outstanding Performance we are working through a very positive set of changes. The business is now at the point where it is too big for one person to manage. Janine has worked away steadily for nearly ten years growing the existing simulated patient work and developing new products such as communication workshops for senior managers. A pilot series of workshops on changing workplace behaviour was very successful and will soon appear on the website as an option for leaders and managers of change requiring a shift in organisational culture.

Our own change sees Keith Collins, the other shareholder and director of Outstanding Performance, coming into the business full time. Keith has a management and business background. He has been working away behind the scenes since Outstanding Performance was formed and will be focusing on opportunities in the business world.

We are busy working out what the change will mean for daily life at Outstanding Performance and how best to make the use of the opportunity. We have been working towards it for some years and it is great to finally be here!

We wish you a year of positive change. If you want to talk to us about our workshops on change in the workplace give us a bell. It’s something we will be working on too!




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