Actors for Hire

Role Plays that work

“Tim – you play the client.”

Tim and the team’s reaction? To roll their eyes and sigh.

Why? Because nobody wants to play the client and it’s hard to suspend disbelief – you know it’s Tim, you work with him every day. Using your staff for role plays means there’s no clear brief or objective, and no time to properly prepare. Plus it’s hard to deliver clear, objective feedback.

You need a training tool that puts the realism into role plays.

High Performance Simulator

In this highly evolved role play tool, we use professional actors trained in the art of simulation to challenge and train your people. They create precise characters and situations and give pin-point feedback, using a method that’s proved successful for over fifteen years.

At Outstanding Performance our business is about making your organisation even stronger by helping your people perform even better. The possibilities, scenarios and applications of our simulator are endless:

  • Leadership training
  • HR scenarios, such as disciplinary issues
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Conflict resolution
  • Sales, like turning round a customer or closing a sale
  • Counselling skills
  • Practising interviews, from witnesses to jobs
  • Cross examinations
  • Customer service, including handling angry customers, or creating elite mystery shopper experiences
  • Extreme situation training
  • Evaluation of new recruits

If you’re serious about getting the best from your people, challenge your team with our high performance simulator.

Custom Made Solutions

Our flexible approach means we can design the simulator around your existing training programme. Or we can design a new programme for you. We work with you to create the parameters and performance indicators; and tailor performances to your needs.

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