Simulated Patient Development Unit - SPDU

Practice Makes Perfect

People learn by doing. That is why role plays are an important part of any education programme. With techniques pioneered and perfected in the medical profession, we can help you create a dynamic learning environment and deliver safe, reliable, and measureable experiences for your students.

SPDU allows your students to practice their communications and clinical skills in a risk-free, real-time, fair and consistent way.

Fair and Consistent Testing

Examinations need to be professional, consistent and objective. Using actors in role plays for your clinical examinations means you get the same performance every time and each student is fairly tested.  

Time Travel and Experiment

You also benefit from focused and consistent feedback from our specially trained actors. You can run tutorial groups where the students can use time-out and learn from one another; give students an opportunity to practice breaking bad news; or break the laws of physics by time-travelling through a six month addiction process during a two hour tutorial.

Best Practice Outcomes

It can be dangerous trying out new skills and techniques on a real patient – if you crash and burn you may end up harming them. With actors playing the patients you have the freedom to experiment and practice – then ‘rewind’ and try it again using a different approach.  No one gets hurt.  There are no issues surrounding patient privacy.

History taking, physical examinations, diagnostic practice, teamwork role-play, educating the patient, breaking bad news, dealing with different personalities ... all are possible with the expert simulators of SPDU.

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