Online Roleplay & Videos

Online roleplays & videos

In this time of Covid-19 and reduced patient contact time for students, it is important to continue improving student skills through role-play with prepared, reliable actors.  Our actors have been screened for their technology and compentency using Zoom, Skype and even Facetime. 

Since Lockdown, we have worked with our clients running their regular OSCE asssement sessions and tutorial sessions with actors online.   Using our actors, you can develop highly interactive and focused training sessions that your students can log into and engage with when it suits your timetable. Whether you want to run your regular sessions online or to develop new telehealth scenarios, our actors are up for the challenge.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you add depth, variety and experiential learning to formative sessions online; or to reconfigure summative sessions that are safe, reliable, realistic and consistent ... and online!


Portable training

By recording your role plays you can take your specialist training tool with you to conferences and events. By using actors in carefully planned scenarios you will have material that truly underlines your key points. You will also remove any patient or customer privacy issues by using actors to illustrate your point.


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