Focus on The Team

Focus on The Team

These workshops are designed for organisations that are undergoing change and for organisations that have identified a need to work on organisational culture. They’re all about positive relationships and communication within teams.

The workshops use simple tools to build consensus around what types of behaviour promote highly productive engaged teams.  The kind of team it’s enjoyable to work in.

Often we start with organisational values. Sometimes we start with an issue.  Once all team members have a shared understanding of what positive workplace culture looks like, we give them practical tools like active listening, awareness of verbal and non-verbal communication and tools for having difficult conversations.

We use role-play simulation with professional actors so team members can practice the skills and embed learning. By asking participants for (anonymous) real life situations to role-play, we ensure maximum relevance.

All of this helps team members to stay focused on positive behaviours and to support one another.  The shared understanding becomes a simple yardstick for workplace culture and behaviour - clear, easy to articulate and actionable when behaviour falls below the line.


What Were The Best Things About This Workshop For You?

"Janine's non-threatening approach to scary stuff"

"That there was a strategic aspect to the team's purpose and objectives as well as tangible skills"

"I like how engaged everyone was and that everyone got involved and participated"

"Being able to practice techniques in a safe environment"


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