Chairing Meetings Effectively

Chairing Meetings Effectively

All too often, people comment on unnecessary meetings without purpose, focus or outcome.  So how can you chair meetings effectively in order to provide an environment which achieves the desired outcomes?  

During this half day workshop you will have the opportunity to:

  • Refresh your knowledge of meeting preparation and goals.
  • Share and practice some strategies that others have found useful.
  • Reflect on your own communication style and look at who is around your table.
  • Encounter several “characters” who can derail a meeting and learn practical tools on dealing with these people.
  • Practice your chairing skills in a simulated situation with professional actors.

Available as an in-house workshop for up to 12 people at your place. Contact us.


What Were The Best Things About This Workshop For You?

"The opportunity to practice. Collegial atmosphere. The fact that we all had to take a turn in the 'hot seat.' Not too theoretical"

"The facilitator and the actors. The manner in which they ran the workshop was spot on. They were encouraging and knowledgeable, friendly, and kept the workshop on theme"

"Opportunity to learn from others in a secure environment"

"I loved the role-play. I thought it was a really good mix of theory, reflection and practice"

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